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1- MOS with its renewed face gets stronger day by day !

The road to beauty !

Since the day it was established, MOS coiffeur have been the driving force in the industry with its aim to offer the highest quality service and %100 customer satisfaction. Currently winds of change are blowing through MOS coiffeur’s doors. With Doğan Çelik; One of the most important names raised by the MOS Acadamy taking over MOS, began an era of change. In this era without giving a comprimise from their main goals, MOS coiffeur saloons, infrastructre and the MOS team have been fully prepared to keep up with the pace of the rapidly changing modern era. MOS have always prioritized devoloping and training their team under the grounds of both academic and ethical rules. Currently MOS is aiming to improve and add value to their business by offering trainings with important names attained from overseas and Doğan Çelik transferring his years of experience and knowledge. MOS prepared to welcome their customers with designs each one more modern and different from one another, will now only work in franchise with names raised under the roof of MOS on the grounds with partnership. The new saloon, which will become the symbol of the renewed face of MOS, will meet with passionate beauty admirers in Bebek in June. The MOS brand will continue to offer the same values, set trends, and grow by modernizing with technology offering new and different flavors every day.



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