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The road to beauty goes through Bebek; MOS BEBEK!

Winds of change have been blowing through the saloons of MOS coiffeur with Doğan Çelik taking over and MOS BEBEK opening its doors to passionate beauty admirers. At MOS Bebek, which will become the symbol of the renewed face of MOS, the latest trends are applied by their experienced team and the salon serves with the comfort of their customers in mind. Standing out with its modern design, MOS Bebek has a 15-person design team and 10 workspaces. In the hall, where there is a computer and internet area, customers are shown the selection of models that they can choose from with tablets of the highest and newest technology. MOS Bebek also provides comfort and convenience to their customers with its open buffet and parking area. Ali Tacir, who has served in the art team of MOS for many years and trained young talents who have acquired the MOS vision, will be meeting with all beauty lovers in Bebek every day as MOS Bebek Salon Manager. Doğan Çelik, who has been the hair style consultant of many famous faces with his 20 years of experience, will be at MOS Bebek, the first salon opened by MOS with its renewed face, on Tuesdays and Fridays. The MOS brand will continue to offer the same values, set trends, and grow with revolutionized technology, offering new and different styles every day.



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